Another tettigoniid

At least I think this is another long-horned orthopteran.  There are several families in the tropics of Orthopterans that I don’t know, so it could be something entirely different. This individual has a short-horned grasshopper appearance (Acrididae), but extremely long antennae, which is a characteristic of the tettigonids (i.e., katydids).  The tympana location differs between the two families too: it should be on the tibia of the fore-legs in tettigonids as seen here.

Mel’s litter bag collection

Mel’s experiment involved collecting litter of two species and distributing litter bags in backwater areas along a Rio Java at Las Cruces and monitoring decomposition of the litter.  Here are some photographs of her second and last collection period.  Mel was interested in examining macroinvertebrate communities associated with decomposing leaf litter, so she carefully removed litter bags with a colander and transported the bags to the lab for processing in plastic bags.  Daniel Bird assisted in this collection. Mel plans to present her data at some meetings, including SACNES, which she’s receiving funding to attend in October.