Gymnophthalmus speciosus

gymnophthalmus-speciosus-05222009-105932 gymnophthalmus-speciosus-05222009-110128

A new family of lizard for me, gymnophthalmids are known as specticled lizards because of the presence of a transparent eyelid. They are small lizards, and, according to Wikipedia, are also known as Microteiids because they are related to the Teiidae. There are also lots of Teiidae (whiptail) here in Palo Verde, mostly Amieva undulata and A. quadrilineata. This individual had a missing forelimb, which you can see in the picture on the right.

Adult dragonflies

dragonfly-05152009-121139 hovering-dragonfly-05142009-170911

These dragonflies are everywhere, and their eyes are very reflective, like a mirror.  How does one tell dragonfly families apart as adults, as in Libellulidae and Aeshnidae?  I can do so with the larva, and have seen exhuvia of both families, but I’ve never had any practice with adults.

Neotropical rattlesnake

After capturing this rattlesnake, Boa fed it a mouse, which it recently released as a brown, moist mush that appears to have permanently stained the bucket it was in with a horrible stench. The snake is a juvenile, and didn’t even have any rattle segments. It is the only one we’ve seen so far.