Boa finds a Boa

red-tailed-boa-boa-constrictor-05112009-084800A few days ago, Boa (named so for several non-mutually exclusive reasons: (1) he loves boas, (2) he has a boa tattoo on his back and (3) he’s crazy…) found a Boa constrictor.  He also found a Paint Wood Turtle, both at the amphibian drift fences that he checks twice daily.  He immediately ran back to the station to share the excitement, once again.  It was my first sighting of a wild Boa and now it’s actually being housed in our shared bedroom; Boa determined that the snake was sick, and is attempting to nurse it back to health.

This morning, we fed it a Mexican Mouse Opossum, but there were too many people watching and Eva (the snake’s name) release the marsupial and hasn’t ingested it.

I’m posting several pictures with Boa because he’s been advertising to tourists, groups and friends.painted-wood-turtle-05112009-085258red-tailed-boa-boa-constrictor-05112009-084626

Branding time

While collecting frogs from a drift fence, a herd of 400 cattle loudly stomped passed us.  It was somewhat frightening to be in the path of so many large vertebrates that were running blindly through the dry forest from ranchers.  The ranchers herded the cattle to the Palo Verde MINAE station to they could brand the sub-adults.  Boa and I watched while sitting on the fence as the unbranded cattle were roped and unwillingly dragged from the herd by a horse.cattle-round-up-05082009-100724cattle-round-up-05082009-103950