Unknown Leptodactylid

Leptodactylidae - Eleutherodactylus sp 1 (stenegamous) 3-21-2009 6-58-15 PM. - Leptodactylidae 3-21-2009 6-58-15 PM

My herp count did not include amphibians or reptiles that I wasn’t completely certain on their identification (or at least, fairly certain), like this Leptodactylid (rain frog).  It’s certainly a different species from those that were included in the count, but I can’t provide a definite identification, and therefore I cannot enter it in my herp database.

The perch this frog is using in a small leaf’s petiole, just to give some scale.

Campus sloth

Three-toed sloth - 04.20.2009 - 16.02.20 Three-toed sloth - 04.20.2009 - 16.11.11


I didn’t shoot the greatest photographs, but I wanted to share some photos of a sloth on the Universidad de Costa Rica-San Pedro campus.  In the bosquito (small forest) surrounding a stream that runs though the center of the campus, there is a large diversity of wildlife, including sloths, momots, and various parrots.  It was incredible to see these kinds of animals, living wild, on a college campus in the center of a dense city. 

This sloth had ventured away from the bosquito to feed on a tree outside the biology department.  As I was studying an aquatic invertebrate collection in a lab, I noticed a group of people looking up into the tree outside the windows.   I eventually ventured out to see and discovered this sloth, but it was a bit to late in the day and dark to get decent photographs with my relatively slow (high f-stop) telephoto lens.