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Neotropical Otter Prints and Scat

Yes… weird, I know, but here are some photographs of Neotropical Otter (Lontra longicaudis) sign taken during some field work on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.  These are not recent photographs, but throwbacks…

The scat was interesting: lots of pieces and parts of shrimp are included.  We encountered several otters in various rivers throughout the Osa, and one hadn’t noticed us as we seined for characids (a type of fish we were interested in collecting) and missed running into my leg in ~4 feet of water by a hair….  But they were always too fast to photograph, so this will have to do…

Neotropical Otter Tracks and Scat - Lontra longicaudis - 02.02.2010 - 11.24.29

Neotropical Otter Tracks and Scat - Lontra longicaudis - 02.02.2010 - 11.24.54

Polar Extractives

Back in the lab, doing some chemistry on plant litter from Costa Rica.  I didn’t think to take photographs until I was almost done with this step in the process – just imagine these 24 vials times, say, 32… that would have made a cooler photograph.

Using a 50:50 mix of methanol and water, I extract a tea from ground litter samples. Each one of the vials has about 0.05 g of powdered litter in it.
These samples need to be centrifuged so I can remove the 'tea' extract.

The glowing Stop button on the centrifuge.