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Army ants

Several species of army ants, Ecitoninae, are common in Las Cruces, and there is a convenient picture guide here: http://ants.biology.utah.edu/genusguide/genusguide.html

I think these smaller one are Neivamyrmex—it’s not possible to see their tarsi, which is a critical characteristic in determining genus, but they are certainly smaller and less conspicuous than others I’ve seen. These were moving along a log over Quebrada Culvert.

I’ve observed other Eciton in La Selva and Palo Verde, and these could also be Eciton from the Wilson Botanical Garden.

Palmetto Tortoise Beetle

There are all kinds of cool things about this Chrysomelidae tortoise beetle (Hemisphaerota cyanaea) on the internet, including:

And look closely… there are POLLEN grains all over the little beetles. Can you imagine having hundreds of sticky bouncy-ball-size pollen grains attached to your body and eyes!? The micro-world of biology is fascinating.