Turquoise-browed motmot

Sometimes these guys wake me up in the morning. They are scattered throughout the dry forest, but one likes to hang out by the field station. I’ve also seen a Blue-crowned motmot, but didn’t have my camera with me as I was in San Jose on the UCR campus. The bird diversity right on campus was pretty amazing, although I was usually afraid to bring my camera along because so many folks warned me of muggings.

Turquoise-browed motmot - Eumomota superciliosa 4-23-2009 3-05-46 PM.jpg

Turquoise-browed motmot - Eumomota superciliosa 4-23-2009 3-03-42 PM.jpg

Thanks for the bird book, Mark

I saw and capture on ‘film’ two birds of prey today. Both were sighted while I wandered around looking for Laguna Bocana. I thought the Roadside Hawk might be something cooler than, well, a Roadside Hawk, which we saw on our CR trip last year, since the sighting was deep in the dry forest. It was still a cool bird and it perched nicely for me. The Spectacled Owl was the second one I have seen; the first was yesterday, while trying to find another large laguna that I never found. Mark’s bird book has come in handy (that said, I hope I have my identifications correct).


While walking to the wetland, I saw an Ocelot; my first wild cat sighting… ever. It was slowly walking down the road toward me and I thought it was a coyote (which I had seen a couple of days ago… along with two very young looking pups who were unable to run in a straight line away from the vehicle I was in). When it was about 75 meters away, I saw it’s long tail and immediately knew it was a cat. Unfortunately, my first reaction wasn’t to get my camera out, but to see whether or not I could get closer. I did, and at about 40 meters it noticed me, turned sideways and jumped into the dry forest. Here’s a poor picture of a dusty footprint.

Ocelot (Manigordo) foot prints 4-27-2009 7-30-56 AM.jpg