Thanks for the bird book, Mark

I saw and capture on ‘film’ two birds of prey today. Both were sighted while I wandered around looking for Laguna Bocana. I thought the Roadside Hawk might be something cooler than, well, a Roadside Hawk, which we saw on our CR trip last year, since the sighting was deep in the dry forest. It was still a cool bird and it perched nicely for me. The Spectacled Owl was the second one I have seen; the first was yesterday, while trying to find another large laguna that I never found. Mark’s bird book has come in handy (that said, I hope I have my identifications correct).


While walking to the wetland, I saw an Ocelot; my first wild cat sighting… ever. It was slowly walking down the road toward me and I thought it was a coyote (which I had seen a couple of days ago… along with two very young looking pups who were unable to run in a straight line away from the vehicle I was in). When it was about 75 meters away, I saw it’s long tail and immediately knew it was a cat. Unfortunately, my first reaction wasn’t to get my camera out, but to see whether or not I could get closer. I did, and at about 40 meters it noticed me, turned sideways and jumped into the dry forest. Here’s a poor picture of a dusty footprint.

Ocelot (Manigordo) foot prints 4-27-2009 7-30-56 AM.jpg