A couple of birds

I haven’t seen all that many birds yet and I’ve captured even fewer with photographs, likely because I am usually preoccupied with ground dwelling herps. Here are two that I’ve gotten photographs of though. One is a fly catcher that I have yet to identify (mostly because I’m writing in a bed and the bird book is in the closet…. I guess I’ll call it a Great Kiskadee, although it’s a bit small for that), and the other is a Cherries tanager. Maybe I can get some help on the identifications… Update – it´s a great kiskadee…lame.



Río Abuela

Rio Abuela

A river Mike sampled for fish was named after the land it drained: Brian’s grandmother’s house and surrounding farm. Brian, Mike’s assistant and friend, is an 18 year-old Costa Rican born and raised on the Osa. His grandmother’s farm, pictured here, was unbearably hot. The picture doesn’t really do the terrain justice; are there any suggestions on how to reduce a flattening effect in photos with lots of depth of field? (or maybe that’s impossible without stereo-lenses)