A quick peek at diversity with a black light

Like the other OTS stations and many other field stations found in Costa Rica, Las Cruces has a black-light + white-sheet set-up to attract nocturnal insects for viewing.  Here’s some quick shots I took last night.

Moth black light - 20130629 - 11

My favorite of the bunch
My favorite of the bunch
Moth black light - 20130629 - 9
Longhorn beetle – Cerambycidae

Moth black light - 20130629 - 8

Moth black light - 20130629 - 7

Moth black light - 20130629 - 6

Monster Pelecinidae wasp.
Monster Pelecinidae wasp.

Moth black light - 20130629 - 2

Moth black light - 20130629 - 1


Dam along Río Java

Rio Java Panorama Dam - 20130621 - 1The streams at Las Cruces are fairly impacted.  There are a handful of smaller streams (1st-2nd order) that drain only secondary or primary forest, but most of the larger streams run through some abandoned pasture or have some sort of flow management impact like this one.  My students are interested in water quality, so these impacts make for good gradients to survey.

Satiny Parrot Snake

I’m a little rusty on photographing… plus, I didn’t have my flash with me at the time of encountering this parrot snake (Leptophis sp.), so the photos I got were pretty poor.  In any case, this is one of two species that occur on the caribbean slope: L. ahaetulla or L. depressirotris. 

Satiny Parrot Snake - Leptophis sp. (ahaetulla or depressirotris) - 20130617 - 5

Satiny Parrot Snake - Leptophis sp. (ahaetulla or depressirotris) - 20130617 - 3