Eastern Cicada Killer

Amos and I discovered an Eastern Cicada Killer (Sphecius speciosus) female attempting to carry away her prey this weekend outside of my apartment in Savannah, GA.  Cicada Killers are solitary wasp parasitoids that sting prey, paralyzing it, and drag it to pre-made burrows, where they will lay an egg on the incapacitated prey item for their larvae’s consumption.  This seems absolutely terrifying, especially given that this wasp is a couple of inches long…

The wasp seemed to have taken a cicada that was a bit too large for it; it was struggling to carry it off, and eventually left the paralyzed cicada, possibly because of the dual harassment from my photographing and Amos’s barking.


Purple Gallinules

I don’t have a zoom lens any longer, given that I sold it to buy a nice macrolens… That said, there is an American Purple Gallinule in the center of the frame below.  I encountered adults, dule-colored juveniles, and chicks, which were entirely black. Once again, these were taken at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.

Savannah NWR - Purple Galinuel - 20120901 - 2-2

Savannah NWR - Purple Galinuel - 20120901 - 4-2