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Purple Gallinules

I don’t have a zoom lens any longer, given that I sold it to buy a nice macrolens… That said, there is an American Purple Gallinule in the center of the frame below.  I encountered adults, dule-colored juveniles, and chicks, which were entirely black. Once again, these were taken at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.

Savannah NWR - Purple Galinuel - 20120901 - 2-2

Savannah NWR - Purple Galinuel - 20120901 - 4-2

Juncus mexicanus

Mexican Rush.  I’m not positive on this identification, but it was certainly interesting to see given that it’s a wetland plant in the Mojave Desert.  There are a few ‘tanks’ or temporary ponds that form along the landscape during the wet season, and they support wetland fauna and flora.  While I’m not intimately familiar with it, there is work on the ecology of aquatic taxa in intermittently flooded systems like these.

Juncaceae - Juncus mexicanus (balticus) - Baltic Grass - 05.03.2012 - 19.47.29

Juncaceae - Juncus mexicanus (balticus) - Baltic Grass - 05.03.2012 - 19.47.36

Spring ephemeral ponds at Breakneck Creek

Christine, an undergraduate Biology student, set out to collect invertebrates in ephemeral ponds of varying longevities at Breakneck Creek, Kent.  Here are some photos of her sites.  The yellow/greenish dusting over the water is pollen from surrounding trees: apparently pollen was heavy in North Eastern Ohio, just as it was record breaking in Atlanta this Spring.