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Paramo plants

While traveling along the Pan-American Highway through the mountains of Costa Rica, we often stop near Cerro de la Muerte to take a short hike through the unique Paramo habitat. The habitat is >3,000 masl and is substantially drier than the cloud forest below, so the plants are quite unique (and short). I often photograph a few of the flowers with the intention of later identification… but I rarely get around to it. So, here are a few from 2019 and 2016.

Shrub-maritime communities

Shrub-to-maritime communities at the upland portion of the Little Tybee Island marsh complex, including a brackish slough. Salt spray and saltwater intrusion may be responsible for dwarfed growth of some of the trees, including some of the pine (Pinus sp.), live oak (Quercus sp. ) and Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana).