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More bat research

Jason and Alice work with students (Kela, Tali and Ashley) and the owners of Finca Cántaros during some bat mist netting.

Café at Finca Cántaros

San Vito, the closest town to Las Cruces, was settled primarily by Italian coffee growers.  Now, there is much less coffee production, but there are still a good number of farms.  At Finca Cántaros, an American-owned plot and tourist attraction between Las Cruces and San Vito, there is a small plot where coffee and a few other agricultural plants are grown.  I realized I didn’t have any photographs of coffee trees… so here goes.

Cecropia and Ants

Upon disturbing the leaves, Azteca ants rush out to protect their host plant, which provide food and shelter for them.  I’ve posted a little about Cecropia before here and here.