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Long-whiskered catfish and Pencil catfish

Two catfish are distributed throughout Las Cruces streams. The long-whiskered catfish (Rhamdia rogersi) is present in Río Java and several small streams, including Quebrada Culvert and the upstream Quebrada Culebra. The other,  the Pencil Catfish (Trichomycterus striatus), I have only caught in Río Java.

Here, minnow traps were used to collect crabs and both species of catfish were caught as by-catch.

Additionally, while we collected the pencil catfish in 2013 and subsequent years, it doesn’t look like I ever published any images—so here are a few old images of Trichomycterus.

Red-breasted Sunfish

Lepomis auritus (Centrachidae) in Crystal River and Rainbow Springs State Park, Florida.

It was surprising to see abundant sunfish in the brackish, tidally influenced, portion of Crystal River, and I was excited to see that I didn’t know which species it was on-sight. I think these are red-breasted sunfish, a species that may be found in Ohio, but relatively rarely, especially compared to bluegill (L. macrochirus) and green sunfish (L. cyanellus). In fact, the collection of Ohio fish that was used in Vertebrate Zoology at Kent State didn’t include this species.

Collecting fish from the West Branch of Rio Java

David and recruited field help sample fish the west branch of Rio Java, a tributary that drain primary wet forest.

Catfish – Rhamdia rogersi

One of my students, David, is planning to survey fish communities at Las Cruces. I may build a fish identification page here, but we’ll just start by posting some of what we catch here.

This is a long-whiskered catfish (Pimelodidae) called Rhamdia rogersi.  I’ve seen this species in RBAMB and, I think, on La Peninsula Osa.

Long-whiskered catfish - Pimelodidae - Rhamdia rogersi - 20130629 - 7

Long-whiskered catfish - Pimelodidae - Rhamdia rogersi - 20130629 - 1