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Bat mist netting

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A couple of mentors for NAPIRE, the program I’m working with this summer in Costa Rica, are guiding students in collecting bat-data… Currently, they have used mist nets to collect bats near the station and they data a myriad of data from each bat. Here are some photos of their collections.  Look out for the bat parasites (bat flies in this case)!


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A quick peek at diversity with a black light

Like the other OTS stations and many other field stations found in Costa Rica, Las Cruces has a black-light + white-sheet set-up to attract nocturnal insects for viewing.  Here’s some quick shots I took last night.

Moth black light - 20130629 - 11

My favorite of the bunch
My favorite of the bunch
Moth black light - 20130629 - 9
Longhorn beetle – Cerambycidae

Moth black light - 20130629 - 8

Moth black light - 20130629 - 7

Moth black light - 20130629 - 6

Monster Pelecinidae wasp.
Monster Pelecinidae wasp.

Moth black light - 20130629 - 2

Moth black light - 20130629 - 1