Hesperiidae larval abundance

The skipper (Hesperiidae) caterpillar is again quite abundant and has nearly completely defoliated the Thalia geniculata at Palo Verde.  There are a few patches with limited herbivory, and it would be interesting to test whether those patches free of the larva were relatively small, or had reduced density or were otherwise missed by the adults when laying eggs.  I’ve collected some and hope they pupate so I can identify the adult.

Thalia skipper larvae - Hesperiidae - 09.16.2010 - 10.34.07Thalia skipper larvae - Hesperiidae - 09.16.2010 - 10.04.32Thalia skipper larvae - Hesperiidae - 09.15.2010 - 19.35.21Thalia skipper larvae - Hesperiidae - 09.16.2010 - 10.35.22

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