Lowe’s and Los Lagos

While at the station in San Ramon, we decided to hike the 12 km down the mountian to buy some beer at Soda Los Lagos, a small restuarant at the bottom. On the way down, I took some pictures of ornamental plants being grown in the foreground, with mountainous rainforest in the background…. kind of sad but cool at the same time. The other picture shows Erin and Mike reaching Los Lagos with a team time of 2:23… which won me 2 free beers.

Los Lagos 4-8-2009 3-08-06 PM.jpg

Lowe's Plants on Los Lagos trip 4-8-2009 2-13-43 PM.jpg

Toe = Ouch


While playing soccer with the folks here in Palo Verde, I got a blister that covers almost the entire ball of my foot. I made the thumbnail of a picture I took of the wound small, so if you find it disgusting it’s more difficult to see. I cut off some of the skin that had begun tearing off, but the rest is still intact. There’s currently no soreness after two days but it hurt quite a bit just after finishing our game.

Stream anole



Stream anoles (Norops oxylophus) were scattered throughout the Río San Lorencito. Every chance I got, I caught them and examined their bright dewlap. They are a relatively large anole and were able to dive underwater, but more often would simple swim across the surface. Those that did make it underwater would be covered in a blue-ish shine where air bubbles were adhered to their scales.