Report of snakes

Below is a working list of snakes I’ve  found and identified (with help from various others, including Juan and Cristian) during NAPIRE programs.

Species Date Location
Cope’s Coffee snake Ninia psephota 5 July 2015 Road leading to Las Alturas
Shiny whipsnake Chironius grandisquamis 16 July 2015 In the Rio Java at Las Cruces
Plain wormsnake Geophis hoffmanni 10 July 2015 Drive-way of Wilson Botanical Garden
Sock-headed snake Enuliophis slateri 27 June 2015 Drive-way of Wilson Botanical Garden
Black-banded Cat-eye Snake Leptodeira nigrofasciata 18 July 2015 Rio Java Trail near Quebrada Culvert
Blunt-headed tree snake Imantodes cenchoa 18 July 2015 Rio Java trail near Quebrada Culvert
Green  Parrot Snake Leptophis ahaetulla 25 July 2015 Near researcher cabins
Bird snake juvenile Pseustes poecilonotus 25 July 2015 Rio Java trail
Snail-eating Snake Sibon argus 6 July 2016 In bromeliad bed outside of Casa Wilson
Blunt-headed tree snake Imantodes cenchoa 29 June 2016 Outside of Reception
Red-tailed boa Boa constrictor 8 July 2016 At entrance to Rio Java trail

Cope's Coffee snake - Ninia psephota - 07.05.2015 - 08.54.06


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