This is my 500th post!  Although that number isn’t that substantial compared to some others (i.e., over 10,000 here or 5000 here), I think that nearly all of my posts include original work (photographs) and rarely have I essentially reposted about a topic with a brief, original comment, as is what ‘big’ blogs sometimes do.  Sure, those ‘big’ blogs require tons of work and time, but I contend that the content per post is low or the physical effort needed per post is low (i.e., reading and commenting on the latest news item from a computer screen).  Regardless if that’s the truth, I’m excited.

My first post was on 31 January 2009, which was about 513 days ago (0.97 posts/d), so, basically, for the last 500 days I have made one post a day.  To that end, I will have one Imperial today.  Cheers.

2 thoughts on “Five-frackin’-hundred!”

  1. You beat me! I’m only at 324, but then again I write monster paragraphs (less motivation to create more than one post) and about papers that require me to actually read them, which as you know, is a chore given the frequency of which I normally do it.

    1. Yeah, yours is usually pretty heavy in content too. Especially because you always link some cheesy YouTube videos to your posts – it must mean you spend a lot of time searching for relevant videos, and therefore can’t post with great frequency.

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