Cheers to Paul

Paul leaves Palo Verde today after assisting in Mahmood’s amphibian survey for about a month.  He’s an intelligent, hardworking Sophomore from Kansas University who shows real potential as a future herpetologist and maybe even professional soccer player. His passion for herps is beyond anyone I’ve met, and he enjoys sharing that passion with fellow amateur herpetologists as well as the curious group members and tourists that visit Palo Verde.  Best of luck, Paul.  Keep it up.

Here are some pictures he shared with me.  UNNAMED - 100_4052

UNNAMED - 100_4058 UNNAMED - 100_3961

3 thoughts on “Cheers to Paul”

  1. That is a mimic, right? Black and red are mimics and red and yellow are corals? That picture of you needs to go on the graduate student website for the department. Perhaps even next year’s calendar.

    1. It is a mimic (a milk snake) and the general rule you’re eluding to is that if the snake colors ordered red-yellow-black-yellow it’s dangerous, otherwise it’s a mimic. It’s not perfect though, since some mimics have the same red-yellow-black-yellow pattern… but better safe than sorry.

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