Another fly!

Tipulid 2007-08-17 1-01-29 PM

This was the desktop background of my lab computer for well over year, so folks have probably seen it.  It looked much better on my 19” LCD screen than it did on that computer, so I’d figure I’d post it. 

It turns out though, that’s it’s another fly, which I always assumed was a Tipulidae.  I’m not sure if they have painted wings though, and it’s much more fun to post it here than look it up on Wikipedia.

4 thoughts on “Another fly!”

    1. No…

      I’m modestly submitting my uncertainty to those who apparently know much more Diptera taxonomy than I do (like yourself.)

  1. I caught crane flies for Dr. Foote for a while, I should know for sure, but your uncertainty made me look! Possibly Tipula furca? Crane flies are maybe the only flies I actually like. Love their funny little halteres.

    Can you get paid for IDing insects? I think I would enjoy it.

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