Kent P&R Triathlon

This weekend, Pat, Allison and I participated in the Kayak/Canoe, Run and Bike triathlon set up, in part, by Kent Parks and Recreation.  Although we never determined what out time was, the event was exciting and fun.  Pat and Allison canoed the white water route (3.5 mi), then Allison ran (2.5 mi), and I finished with the bike (10 mi).   Daren was also there in his potato of a kayak.

My competition...
The community prepares.
Allison and Pat were one of two canoes that took the white water route.
Pat and Allison shove off.
Daren and his kayak.

I zoomed into the finish...

One thought on “Kent P&R Triathlon”

  1. zoomed???wow you were way ahead of the competition… ha ha
    that’s neat how you only had to do 1 part.why no swimming????

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