More Froglets

  The froglets were emerging from the wetland around the same time.  Although Leptodactylus melanonotus was a couple weeks ahead, L. poecilochilus, Smilisca baudinii, and Hypopachus variolosus emerged very close to one another, and these three differ markedly in their morphology and, presumably, feeding behavior.  The co-generic species are obviously much more similar to one another than to the others, and could be foraging on similar prey or in similar habitat.  Is there a reason for this anecdotally observed pattern? Are the co-generic species emerging at different times to avoid competition? 

Leptodactylus poecilochilus - 07.06.2009 - 12.47.40 Smilisca baudinii - 07.06.2009 - 12.57.10

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