Meet Amos

Yep, Allison and I adopted a new dog: Amos. 

In keeping with our naming ‘theme’, we pronounce his name as you might in Spanish; it’s ‘ahh’ then ‘mos’ similar to the ‘o’ in “most”.  This way, we can say “Vamos Amos!”

Anyway, he’s another 2 year-old dachshund mix (clearly a mix… possibly of a chuhuahua…like a long chuhuaaaaaaaaaahua) we picked up at the Atlanta Humane Society and has already grown to be a part of our family.  Here, he wades at Cascade Spring Nature Preserve, waiting for me to move so he can reach dry land.

Cascade Springs with Amos - 05.19.2012 - 14.36.54