Fly predation

The flies that are commonly seen on Echinodorus flowers are attracted to white objects and, perhaps, vegetation that’s been stirred up (well, the Syrphids certainly are – their increased abundance makes their buzz is loud in area’s I had recently walked through and disturbed within the wetland).  Consequently, the flies are attracted to various white objects I’m carrying, and, occasionally one gets knocked down or otherwise temporarily incapacitated.  The brief incapacitation resulted in two predation events picture here, both within less than 5 minutes.

A group of ants and a large, surface dwelling spider prey upon flies.

Ants attacking fly - 07.07.2010 - 08.33.01

Spider consuming fly on Nymphea - 07.07.2010 - 08.37.14Ants attacking fly - 07.07.2010 - 08.32.48