Rubén (España)

Rubén, an ornithologist from Valencia, Spain, helped me collect Neptunia one day.  He’s currently here to characterize dry forest wetlands using a variety of limnological techniques; consequently, I got to travel around with him on my birthday to a few local wetlands – beautiful wetlands at higher elevation, with cooler temperatures and without mosquitoes.  Pictures will come.

When we play soccer, Rubén is usually on my team, along with any other gringos at the station, so the contest is Ticos contra El Resto del Mundo (Costa Rica versus the rest of the world).  We lost the other day 5 –15.  Sad.

Neptunia collection with Ruben - 06.22.2010 - 13.58.49

Wetland 3 - 06.30.2010 - 14.46.31