February Arthropods

icy-spider-2-1-2009-4-49-57Last weekend, at George Metro Park, I found several small swarms of midges that, in all likelihood, had just emerged from the nearby Cuyahoga river.  The swarms were hovering around the park’s boardwalk, so I snapped a few photos of individuals that were resting on the boardwalk posts.  They were so small that it was difficult to hold the camera steady, but, from the picture to the left, you can see their thick, feather-like antenna (the effect is not motion blur).

Later, I came across the spider on the right hiding inside a small snow cavern, kind of like a spider igloo.  Although it was a relatively warm day (perhaps just above freezing), I thought the pressence of these two animals was interesting.emerging-flies-2-1-2009-3-59-37