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Yasso Farm on Leicester Hill

A sepia toned image of the Yasso barn on Dunkley Road in Leicester. It’s like the Old West…

This farm borders the Leicester Falls, and, as such, I occassionally crossed through the pasture to get to the falls as a teenager.  Several of these crossings led to trouble, since bulls often inhabited the pasture.  I recall running from bulls a couple of times, and, in one instance, running at full sprint through the pasture from an angry swarm of bees that ended up stinging me and a friend upwards of 10 times between the two of us.   I don’t think I have ever ran that fast since.

First shots

thanksgiving-skipping-rocks-with-tom-and-nick-2006-11-23-1-18-44-pm This is one of the first shots I took with my Canon PowerShot.  It was exciting to see the vividness of the colors in this unedited photography when I first viewed it.  The picture was taken of my house and grandfather’s barn across an alfalfa field in November.  The flat terrain reminds me of Ohio, but I assure you, there’s a hill behind me.

Fall colors at Jennings

fall-in-jennings-woods-10-20-2007-11-53-07-amfall-in-jennings-woods-10-20-2007-11-45-55-am A couple of pictures taken of the foliage in autumn at Jennings Woods.  The stream in the foreground in the picture on the left is the West Branch of the Mahoning River, which is the primary site of research for the Kershner Lab.  The day these photographs were taken, Matt and I were helping Jenn check crayfish she had tethered to the stream-bottom to assess predation on the crayfish.  An extremely cool photo essay about Jenn’s research was put together by the KSU photographer.  I believe most of the yellow foliage here are from sugar maple.

There is no theme

dandelion-falls-2007-05-26-3-05-02-pmIf it appears as though the posts on this site don’t have a theme, it’s because they don’t.  Most posts are basically just a random picture I come across while browsing my collection.  This particular photo was taken at the Leicester Falls, which I attribute as the birth place of my interest in photography.  Soon after I purchased my first digital camera, an Olympus D-100, I began photographing the Leicester Falls regularly, usually with Mike Valentino.  This photo wasn’t taken with my good ol’ D-100, but it was taken with my second digital camera, a Canon PowerShot a530, which is the camera the majority of my pictures were taken with so far.

A Bitterly Cold Day

Although these images don’t depict it, when I took these photographs of Blue Hen Falls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the temperature was in the single digits and the windchill made it feel much colder.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a photograph of my face or Allison’s face (she was with me at the time), since the red on our cheeks and nose would convince anyone that it was a bitterly cold day.  Today’s temperature reminded me of the hike we took when these photographs were shot.