One More Dog Photo


I’ve now arrived in Las Cruces, which is another field station operated by the Organization for Tropical Studies (Las Selva and Palo Verde are the other two in Costa Rica).

The past couple of days, I spent visiting Boa in Pandora (Valle de La Estrella) on the south end of the Caribbean slope.  Of course, I have more pictures of my dogs that I could post, but hopefully I’ll get into posting some more interesting and diverse subject… for now, here’s a photo of one of Boa’s four dogs.  She’s 6 months old and extremely playful.

Boa's dog - 20130617 - 1

Catfish – Rhamdia rogersi

One of my students, David, is planning to survey fish communities at Las Cruces. I may build a fish identification page here, but we’ll just start by posting some of what we catch here.

This is a long-whiskered catfish (Pimelodidae) called Rhamdia rogersi.  I’ve seen this species in RBAMB and, I think, on La Peninsula Osa.

Long-whiskered catfish - Pimelodidae - Rhamdia rogersi - 20130629 - 7

Long-whiskered catfish - Pimelodidae - Rhamdia rogersi - 20130629 - 1