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Taking off for Little Tybee

On a foggy, January morning, Kevin, Mike and I took off from the south side of Tybee Island to camp a night on Little Tybee, an uninhabited barrier island and nature preserve.

I’ve not been able to identify what entity manages the preserve, but it seems that camping is allowed, which suggests that it’s not a national refuge like the nearby Wassaw Island or under an easement and privately owned like Ossabaw Island.

Sphagnum moss

Sphagnum moss grows along the edges of a cool spring at George L. Smith II State Park. The moss is partly characterized by a capitum—a bunch of early branchings at the tip of the moss—and is most common in northern latitudes. It was interesting to see it in Georgia, and Amos was certainly happy to enjoy the cool water.

AT section hike

When Hurricane Matthew was forecasted to hit Savannah in October 2016, Mike and I made plans to hit up a section hike of the Appalachian Trail—my first. We headed out just before the mandatory evacuation and spent two nights hiking from Springer Mountain, which is the southern terminal of the trail, to Woody Gap.

All together, it was about a 21 mile hike with wonderful weather, two exhausted dogs, and some surprisingly delicious ramen.