8 thoughts on “It has rained.”

    1. If I did do it, it was only an artifact of stitching several photos together with Windows Photo Gallery. Other photos I took suggest that this is not the case, though. It looks almost like a funnel… I agree; crazy.

      What do you use for photo organizing?

  1. i love the rainbow shots. the clouds look soooooo heavy in the 1.And the whole rainbow is awesome.
    boy does your hair grow fast even without rain. : )

  2. I agree, that is the most amazing rainbow I have ever seen, even if it is manipulated. I didn’t know Windows Photo Gallery had those features, but obviously, this is a new program you will have to show me upon your return : )

  3. I hate windows photo gallery. I solely use it for stitching photographs, because it’s quick and dirty. Otherwise, Picasa and Lightroom are for me.

  4. Photo organizing? Some folders on my hard drive. :) I’ve never used Lightroom, I do use Adobe Bridge occasionally. Might check Lightroom out.

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