For those of you who didn’t explicitly appreciate the end of yesterday

… I bring you; the sunset.  This is my first attempt at time lapse photography, and, although this was the first sunset that I’ve seen in Palo Verde that was dominated by clouds, I think it came out well. The choppiness and appearance of upward movement of the sun is a result of cloud cover, so perhaps I’ll attempt this again sometime soon to get a clearer, more standard sunset.

My camera doesn’t have an automatic interval shutter release setting, so I sat in the wetland and pushed the shutter release every 20 sec for about an hour and ten minutes.  Almost the entire time, a calf stood next to me and mooed loudly.  Let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “For those of you who didn’t explicitly appreciate the end of yesterday”

    1. Part of the choppiness is from the 10 frames/sec setting. I’ve made another video and when I get around to uploading it to YouTube, post it again or something. It was a lot of fun though and I may do a sun rise soon.

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