Corn snake (1) has passed


Today, 1 died around the age of 24.   He had refused to eat for several months, and may have developed digestive problems.  I had inherited two corn snakes a few years ago from a professor at Kent, De Szalay, who had reared them from eggs during his masters work.

1 is survived by his brother, 2, and his adopted family, including four turtles and two dogs.

Corn snakes and Boa constrictor feeding - 02.18.2010 - 19.11.25

Allison and I pose for Christmas photographs.  I'm holding 1.
Allison and I pose for Christmas photographs. I’m holding 1.

Christmas Snakes - 12.23.2010 - 21.36.40

1 finishes his meal.
1 finishes his meal.
Exploring the new tank.
Exploring the new tank.

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