This is not a pizote (nor a pesote… and it might not even be a martilla)


Hugo is the head cook, handyman, and trail blazer at San Ramón. He’s been smoking for over 50 years (he said he started when he was seven), calls his cigarettes ‘mi agua’ on long hikes, and put us to shame whenever on such a hike. On top of displaying extreme elegance with a machete in the field (we referred to him as the ‘Manchete’ [Man + Machete]), Hugo is a phenomenal cook and naturalist. That said, I may have found a fault… he mis-identified the picture here as a pizote when looking at the picture through my camera’s LCD. I took his word for it, since I wasn’t aware that pesote is the Spanish name for Coati. After being laughed at in a lab at UCR, some student identified the mammal as a Martilla. Who knew a sixty-some year old man would have trouble looking at a picture on a 2″ camera screen…

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4 thoughts on “This is not a pizote (nor a pesote… and it might not even be a martilla)”

  1. He’s been smoking for over fifty years… and he said he was 60-something. I don’t know.

    Mark just emailed me with the ‘english’ common name of that martilla; kinkajou.

  2. Actually, this picture might be an olingo rather than a kinkajou. It has a really long tail and a fatter face than a kinkajou. They’re both procyonids, though, so they look very similar.

    This is Brian G., by the way.

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