Engystomops (Physalaemus) pustulosus tadpoles

Engystomops pusulosus, like many anurans, was recently changed from Physalaemus.  The tapoles are very small, benthic, generalists with an emarginate oral disk, beak and 2/3 complete dentricles.  The dentricles are the little black stripes around the mouth below, and the beak is the larger, solid black mouth part.  Compared to other tadpoles of similar size (i.e., Incilius), Engystomops has reduced pigmentation and is lighter in color.

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Leiuperidae - Engystomops (Physalaemus) pustulosus tadpole - 07.04.2010 - 19.09.09Leiuperidae - Engystomops (Physalaemus) pustulosus tadpole - 07.04.2010 - 19.08.49 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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