Senticolis triaspis

Colubridae - Senticolis (Elaphe) triaspis - 06.26.2010 - 08.23.23

A new snake species for me, I had misidentified this juvenile Senticolis (formally Elaphe) triaspis as Trimorphodon quadrupex (now distinct from biscutatus) (Savage and Bolanos 2009 Zootaxa), but the reddish color and round pupils didn’t sit well with me.  When I keyed the snake out, I discovered that the juvenile is very different than the adult.  Although it’s a very pretty, young constrictor, it’s fairly aggressive and has bitten several times – luckily, I didn’t misidentify a poisonous snake… Colubridae - Senticolis (Elaphe) triaspis - 06.26.2010 - 08.21.00

Colubridae - Senticolis (Elaphe) triaspis - 06.26.2010 - 08.17.51

Colubridae - Senticolis (Elaphe) triaspis - 06.26.2010 - 08.17.51-2 With the photographs I took of the snake, I discovered some anomalies on its head – Ticks! It’s a bit difficult to see here, but there are two ticks, buried deep behind its head.  I’ve removed them, but the snake was completely ungrateful.

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  1. hello my name is Oscar Olivares Loyola I am a student of biology and want to know if I could use your picture to print it and show it to the people of a town where I do my thesis, I’ll give the appropriate credit, good day I hope your answer thanks

  2. Hi, I’m wondering where this snake was found? I can across a small snake very similar to this one in the lake atitlan area in guatemala and I had never heard of it before so I’m wondering if its the same one. I have a picture of the 1 I found

    Thank you

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