Behind the scenes

Most of my herp pictures weren’t taken in the field proper.  The animals were brought back to the lab, placed near the lab and photographed in an environment that was a bit more comfortable and tolerable for the photographer.  In addition to photographing the individuals, measurements such as length and weight were taken in a quick and dirty effort to provide some longer-term monitoring of these species.  Below, Mahmood (left) and Vinny (right – a fellow IRES student that arrived 1 July… the day I took to recover from my birthday) photograph a Micrurus. 

Mahmood and Vincent photographing Coral Snake - 07.11.2009 - 12.14.56

4 thoughts on “Behind the scenes”

  1. Jeez, it never even occurred to me that you would be doing that. NOW your pictures aren’t as amazing!

    Love Desmond Dekker, btw.

    1. Well, this way we would have to actually handle the snakes, which was cool, right?

      I love Desmond Dekker too… but why do you bring it up?

  2. I’m all for staging it as long as it’s true to its natural environment.

    Desmond Dekker… he was listed on your “Recently Played”.

    1. Damn, sometimes they are definitely not in their natural environment (like the Hemidactylus gecko).

      I’m a moron… I totally forgot about my ‘recently played’ list.

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