Each morning, this anhinga is perched, drying his wings on one of the posts at my fence.  Today, he was not dry enough to fly off when I reached the fence, so, after falling into the water, he made his way back up to the top of the post to dry completely.  I was able to get about 5 m from him before he started to make a lot of noise….

A few minutes later, some of his feathers had dried, reflecting a lighter color, and he took off.

Anhinga anhinga at the fence - 07.11.2009 - 08.24.26 Anhinga anhinga at the fence - 07.11.2009 - 08.25.59


I received this message from Excel while working with some data yesterday afternoon.  It’s good, because I was sick of getting those pesky error messages.  This is an excellent solution to buggy software, Microsoft – elimination of the error message = elimination of the error.

too many errors