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Bufo (Chaunus) marinus

New World Bufo have now been changed to several different genera, including Atelopus, Chaunus, Crepidophryne, Incilius and Rhaebo. It really makes learning these names difficult… good thing the animals themselves are so cool.

On the left, a cane toad attempting to hide underwater; notice the fish in front of her.  On the right, Boa shows Daniella the toad.bufonidae-bufo-marinus-boa-and-daniella-04302009-222007

Lowe’s and Los Lagos

While at the station in San Ramon, we decided to hike the 12 km down the mountian to buy some beer at Soda Los Lagos, a small restuarant at the bottom. On the way down, I took some pictures of ornamental plants being grown in the foreground, with mountainous rainforest in the background…. kind of sad but cool at the same time. The other picture shows Erin and Mike reaching Los Lagos with a team time of 2:23… which won me 2 free beers.

Los Lagos 4-8-2009 3-08-06 PM.jpg

Lowe's Plants on Los Lagos trip 4-8-2009 2-13-43 PM.jpg

Toe = Ouch


While playing soccer with the folks here in Palo Verde, I got a blister that covers almost the entire ball of my foot. I made the thumbnail of a picture I took of the wound small, so if you find it disgusting it’s more difficult to see. I cut off some of the skin that had begun tearing off, but the rest is still intact. There’s currently no soreness after two days but it hurt quite a bit just after finishing our game.

The Swimming Hole

On one of the day hikes Hugo led, we stopped at a swimming hole on Rio San Lorencito. The water was about 8 ft deep and crystal clear. On the deepest side, there was a cliff we were able to jump off of… It was a much needed break from our trailless hike.

Hugo is in the background of the first picture.

Swimming Hole 4-3-2009 10-18-38.jpg

Swimming Hole 4-3-2009 9-39-26.jpg

Farewell Rio WTF

My first post from Costa Rica is a farewell to the first leg of my trip.  This morning, at 4:30 AM, Allison and Erin climbed into a taxi for the airport, and so ended our three week excursion to the Osa and premontane rain-forest.  I find it fitting then to post a picture of the four of us posing atop the first cascade of several in a river we dubbed Rio WTF.  The river’s original name (Koyok) was immediately revoked when we realized that we would need to climb two waterfalls and a mountain to collect leaf samples from it (Mike and I were able to do it in under 10 sec with minor injuries).  If you’re not aware of what the new name’s acronym stands for, google it.

In under 12 seconds, I climbed the waterfall and posed for the timed photograph.
In under 12 seconds, I climbed the waterfall and posed for the timed photograph.