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Snake predation

In Palo Verde, a student noticed this Leptophis mexicanus preying on a tree frog (I think it’s Smilisca baudinii).  This is the second time I was able to observe a Leptophis attack a frog, although this occasion was quite different, given that the snake had captured the frog by the hind legs; the frog made distress calls and the snake had some difficulty dragging and controling its prey.

Additionally, I’ve been feeding frozen rats to the two corn snakes I’ve recently inherited.  Below is 1 (that’s its name) gulping down a rat.


Corn snakes and Boa constrictor feeding - 02.18.2010 - 18.55.34 Corn snakes and Boa constrictor feeding - 02.18.2010 - 19.15.31
Corn snakes and Boa constrictor feeding - 02.18.2010 - 19.08.35 Corn snakes and Boa constrictor feeding - 02.18.2010 - 19.17.47

Meet Coral

Coral, my father’s new haflinger, was born in late May and I was able to see her for the first time last weekend.  She’s excitable, curious and very pretty.  Additionally, she likes here chest scratched – her eyes nearly roll back if you scratch hard enough.

Horses - Coral - 07.25.2009 - 14.52.09

Horses - Coral - 07.25.2009 - 14.51.23
Allison meets Coral.

Horses - Coral - 07.25.2009 - 15.05.40
Coral stomps... she wants to play, not eat grass.


monstrego-9-25-2008-10-31-30Monstrego, my male red ear slider (Trachemys scripta elegans), comes up to breath in his 55-g tank.   Monstrego and Barzini are currently in the same tank, and Monstrego is constantly courting Barzini, although I haven’t seen him successfully breed this year.  Barzini has laid three clutches that I’m aware of, none of which  had any hatchlings emerge.  Luckily though, these turtles can live upwards of 30 years if well cared for, and both of mine are about six.  I’ll get a hatchling one of these times…

Patches and Chelsea

Some introductory images of Patches (the miniture horse) and Chelsea (the Haflinger).  They’re kind of like gigantic dogs; you can get them all excited so they run around in circles and attempt to jump on you.  I think the only difference may be that they can’t put their tail between their legs while they run around.