First shots

thanksgiving-skipping-rocks-with-tom-and-nick-2006-11-23-1-18-44-pm This is one of the first shots I took with my Canon PowerShot.  It was exciting to see the vividness of the colors in this unedited photography when I first viewed it.  The picture was taken of my house and grandfather’s barn across an alfalfa field in November.  The flat terrain reminds me of Ohio, but I assure you, there’s a hill behind me.

Jamie’s Mom

jennings-oxbow-and-three-legged-turtle-2007-04-29-11-10-33-am I found this midland painted turtle (Chrysemys picta marginata) in an oxbow on the edge of the Jennings Woods property.  This individual had only three legs, the fourth having apparently been gnawed off by a predator (or just a neighborhood dog).  The turtle’s reduce mobility and the fact that it was a cool spring day made capturing the normally very skitish turtle much easier.

Fall colors at Jennings

fall-in-jennings-woods-10-20-2007-11-53-07-amfall-in-jennings-woods-10-20-2007-11-45-55-am A couple of pictures taken of the foliage in autumn at Jennings Woods.  The stream in the foreground in the picture on the left is the West Branch of the Mahoning River, which is the primary site of research for the Kershner Lab.  The day these photographs were taken, Matt and I were helping Jenn check crayfish she had tethered to the stream-bottom to assess predation on the crayfish.  An extremely cool photo essay about Jenn’s research was put together by the KSU photographer.  I believe most of the yellow foliage here are from sugar maple.