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Unknown Leptodactylid

Leptodactylidae - Eleutherodactylus sp 1 (stenegamous) 3-21-2009 6-58-15 PM. - Leptodactylidae 3-21-2009 6-58-15 PM

My herp count did not include amphibians or reptiles that I wasn’t completely certain on their identification (or at least, fairly certain), like this Leptodactylid (rain frog).  It’s certainly a different species from those that were included in the count, but I can’t provide a definite identification, and therefore I cannot enter it in my herp database.

The perch this frog is using in a small leaf’s petiole, just to give some scale.

Physalaemus pustulosus

Physalaemus pustulosus - 06.14.2009 - 13.01.35

A tiny, common Leptodactylid, Physalaemus pustulosus (the Pustuled thin-toed frog) could easily be mistaken for a toad (Bufonidae) because of its warty skin.  It lacks obvious paratid glands, but the adult is so small (probably a maximum of 4-g) that it’s difficult to identify.  The first ones I saw had fallen in a bucket-trap during the day and had dried out, so I mistakenly identified them as toadlets. 

The males are easily identified by their blotchy, dark chin.