Hatchlings have come

The hatchlings are pouring out from the mountains towards the wetland.  I’ve seen several more than these three, but these were the only ones I took photographs of, and, unfortunately, my camera lens was a bit foggy.  Although it’s absolutely awesome to see these turtles, it makes me miss mine quite a bit.

kinosternon-scropioides-orange-cheeked-mud-turtle-hatchlings-05292009-092041 kinosternon-scropioides-orange-cheeked-mud-turtle-hatchlings-05292009-092056-2

4 thoughts on “Hatchlings have come”

    1. Jamies? No! These are in a totally different Family! And so was the turtle in Grand Haven. Jamie’s Emydidae, these are Kinosternidae, and the other was Chelydridae.

      Well, all are awesome though.

  1. I understand they are all different species. Obviously, I can’t identify them by species like you, but I was just recapitulating the fact that you miss your turtles (Jamie, Monstrego, and Barzini), and since Jamie is the baby of the three based on size, I chose her. Geez! haha.

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