Another Sunrise from Guayacan

Not quite a dramatic as previous sunrises, but here’s the last sunrise I created a timelapse of from the peak of the Guayacan trail in Palo Verde in 2017. We got a late start (not mentioning any names, Barkley), so there was quite a bit of light by the time we reached the peak and I set the camera up.

A full frame version created from my camera:

A timelapse of the same sunrise, created a few minutes earlier with a locked exposure—the images became over-exposed quite quickly…

Short horned lizard

We discovered a few Short Horned Lizards, Phrynosoma douglassi, on Mormon Mountian south of Flagstaff, Arizona (my best guess at the identification) while hiking around.

Many Phrynosoma are capable of squirting blood from their eyes—a defensive mechanism that deters predators, such as small dogs and cats, from killing the lizards in a substantial percentage of encounters, according to a discussion with George Middendorf I had after meeting him in a diversity workshop at Las Cruces Biological Station. George has quantitatively characterized and reviewed the gruesome squirting!

While I didn’t get a chance to observe the squirting, and I didn’t provoke the animals with that purpose, they also flatten out quite a bit when handled!