Clearing the back-log: Vertebrate Zoology

As is likely the case with any photographer, I have discovered a large back-log of photographs that have yet to be processed – they lack names, tags, geographic positions, general descriptions.  And, this log has now reached over a year;  I have photos from teaching last summer’s Vertebrate Zoology lab and this Spring’s. Since I like to keep this blog as a log of my somewhat recent activities, it’s easy for these photos to pile up if I don’t immediately process and publish them.  But the other option might be to delete them… So, in an effort to process some, below are a few photos from a Spring trip to Triple Springs Creek in West Branch State Park.  I don’t even remember the student’s names…


Emerging stone fly - 04.27.2010 - 10.31.34

Vertebrate Zoology Triple Springs Field Trip - 04.27.2010 - 10.35.05 Mayfly larva - 04.02.2010 - 14.17.16

Vertebrate Zoology Triple Springs Field Trip - 04.27.2010 - 10.23.18