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Bonzai Maple

frosty-leaves-10-23-2008-8-35-31-am Many of the Red Maple trees in Kent Bog appear to be under extreme stress (whether it’s due to acidic soil, nutrient limitation or both) and have somewhat of a ‘bonzai’ growth pattern.  The leaves tend to be much smaller than one would expect on a Red Maple tree growing in more suitable conditions, say, in a lowland forest setting, rather than a bog.  In some cases, the leaves are all less than an inch from the base of the leaf (excluding the petiole) to the tip.  Although the scale of this photograph isn’t obvious, the leaf is relatively small.  I suppose more importantly, the frost just looks cool. This was taken at the bog during one of our first frosts this past autumn.

Photographic proof that it’s possible to bail

jenn-matt-and-me-sledding-1-11-2009-3-51-30Last week, Allison ran into a tree while sledding.  Other patrons on the hill, after being certian she was physically okay, questioned why she didn’t just bail.  Apparently, it was obvious from their perspective on the top of the hill that there was ample time to flip over, fall out, or otherwise dive away from the sled and it’s course towards a small, though very strudy, leafless maple tree.  In response, Allison claims that the sled was too high to bail.  I think this photograph of Jenn says differently.