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Yasso Farm on Leicester Hill

A sepia toned image of the Yasso barn on Dunkley Road in Leicester. It’s like the Old West…

This farm borders the Leicester Falls, and, as such, I occassionally crossed through the pasture to get to the falls as a teenager.  Several of these crossings led to trouble, since bulls often inhabited the pasture.  I recall running from bulls a couple of times, and, in one instance, running at full sprint through the pasture from an angry swarm of bees that ended up stinging me and a friend upwards of 10 times between the two of us.   I don’t think I have ever ran that fast since.

Northern Water Snake


While collecting stream insects for some lab rearing I was doing, I ran into this water snake.  Of course, I immediately picked it up and, astonishingly, was not bitten.  After a futile attempt to calm the snake, I set him down and snapped a few pictures of its aggressive, flatten stance.  The scale across the snake’s eye is blueish, indicating that it will likely molt soon.  Indeed, a couple of days later, I caught the same snake (well, presumably the same one, given that it was under the same piece of bark), and it had a fresh, shinning layer of scales. Further, its aggressiveness was reduced the second time around, adding to evidence, at least in my experience, that snakes get kind of angry when they are close to molting.

Gymnastics Allstars

gymnastics-allstars-2008-11-6-2008-9-21-12-pmgymnastics-allstars-2008-11-6-2008-9-24-04-pmLast fall, I went to the Gymnastics Allstars event held at the Quicken Arena in Cleveland.  Most of the athletes that participated in the 2008 Summer Olympics performed some mediocre routines with crappy teen-rock playing in the background and strobe lights flashing.  I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time or money on an event like this unless you’re a 10 year-old girl.

Anyway, the one cool part, I thought, was when a few little girls performed a floor routine.  On the right, you can just make one out doing a blurry cartwheel.