Tadpole Collection

In June, Mahmood recruited his assistants to help me collect tadpoles.  We collected several hundred of about three species, most of which were Leptodactylus spp.  Both Arellys and Gabi, pictured below, seemed happy to be out of the lab and in an area not completely saturated with mosquitoes.  In the last photo, Rubén walks into the wetland to collect some invertebrate samples for his own work.  This area is also pictured here three months later.

Tadpole collection - 06.27.2010 - 10.55.14Tadpole collection - 06.27.2010 - 10.54.43

Tadpole collection - 06.27.2010 - 10.58.04

Tadpole collection - 06.27.2010 - 10.55.21

Tadpole collection - 06.27.2010 - 10.59.16

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