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Spring ephemeral ponds at Breakneck Creek

Christine, an undergraduate Biology student, set out to collect invertebrates in ephemeral ponds of varying longevities at Breakneck Creek, Kent.  Here are some photos of her sites.  The yellow/greenish dusting over the water is pollen from surrounding trees: apparently pollen was heavy in North Eastern Ohio, just as it was record breaking in Atlanta this Spring.



Another hike through Bear’s Den

Éva and Eva explore a stream draining into Mill Creek at Bear’s Den.  This was the first park we visited with Eva, and it was the first time I saw her substantially wag her tail.  She also had no problem barrelling through the water – although it seemed to surprise her, as if she hadn’t expected ‘wetness’.   Éva, on the other hand, was a seasoned park goer, and had begun to step onto rocks to avoid getting wet.

Eva checks for predators.

Fearlessly crossing the stream.

Eva can't jump the log.

Still playing with the aperture

I’m still working on depth of field, especially on wide-area shots.  I had come to a good understand of it with macro-shots of herps, but I haven’t had a chance to photograph many of those in Ohio and Georgia.  Not only is setting the correct aperture for a shot important here, but composure can obviously make or break the photograph.  I’ve taken a few shots in the past when an out-of-focus foreground rock draws the eye to the broader landscape, which was my intention here but with reduced success. 

This is, again, Bear’s Den in Mill Creek Park.